How to Decode (and Authenticate!) Your Gucci

If you’re purchasing a new designer handbag and you don’t have the luxury of an expert on your side to authenticate the bag on your behalf, one of the first things you want to do is go about the authentication process on your own.

As one of the most popular pre-owned luxury brands in the world, Gucci handbags are all too often counterfeited and sold as real. Luckily, Gucci handbags also feature several key identifiers that can help you to quickly and easily tell whether a bag is fake or authentic.

The Gucci Serial Number

Modern Gucci handbags all feature two sets of numbers on a leather tab inside the bag. While these numbers are commonly referred to as a serial number, they’re a style and supplier number.

You can locate the leather tag inside the handbag, near the interior zipped pocket. The tag’s front will show three heat-stamped lines of text. This text should include a trademark indicator on the first line, the Gucci name on the second line and then “made in Italy” on the third line. The back of the tag features the numbers.

The tag will feature two series of numbers, one atop the other. The first line of numbers, on the top, is usually five to seven digits (most commonly six). The second line of numbers, on the bottom, is usually four to six digits. Both series of numbers are always numbers, never any letters. It’s a common misconception that these numbers refer to the date on which the bag was produced, but that’s not the case, so be wary of any seller who tries to tell you that’s the fact.

So how can you use these numbers to tell whether your Gucci handbag is authentic?

First, look at the font. The font should be serif, or like Times New Roman. A “2” should have a little curly bit on the top or the tail, and the “1” should have the little overhang at the top as well as a base at the bottom, for example. A sans serif font, on the other hand, is all straight lines. You won’t see that little curved bit on the “2” and the “1” won’t have the base. It’ll just go straight down in a line. If you see a sans serif font on your Gucci bag’s tag, it’s a fake.


Don’t worry, though, if your Gucci bag shares the same numbers as another Gucci bag. Since this isn’t really a serial number, it doesn’t refer to an individual product. Instead, the numbers just refer to a style of bag and a supplier — so it’s entirely possible that more than one bag featured the exact same style and came from the exact same supplier.

You may notice a smaller tag behind or next to the leather tag with the supplier and style numbers. This tag may feature a QR code (adding this was popular between 2016 and 2021). This code is encrypted, so you won’t be able to read it with your phone, but don’t worry. That’s not at all a sign that your bag is fake. Again, it’s just encrypted and the average QR scanner won’t be able to recognize it.

Beyond just looking at the numbers on this tag, though, also look at the front of the tag. After verifying that the three lines of text are correct, be sure that the “Made in Italy” is in all lowercase letters, that the text is centered, and that the typical Gucci font is used for the all-capitalized “GUCCI.”

Don’t have this tag? It could just be that your bag is a little on the older side. Vintage Gucci bags from the 1960s may or may not have included a model number, depending on the style. Gucci bags from the 1970s had no serial or model number, except for the Gucci Accessory Collection bags, which featured a number printed in gold. Today’s leather Gucci tag like those described above are typically only found on Gucci bags produced from the late 1990s and on.

Other Authenticators on Your Gucci Bag

Beyond this tag, though, there are other elements to your Gucci bag that can tell you whether it truly is a Gucci bag.

Look at the materials. The leather should look, feel and even smell authentic. If the bag has even a slight chemical smell, it could be a sign that the bag was made with a cheap, faux leather.

Look at the stitching as well. Gucci stitching is always extremely precise, straight and never, ever sloppy. If you see any stitches that do not look the same as all the other stitches on the bag, or stitches that seem to be pulling loose, that’s a sign that you may be dealing with a fake bag.

The hardware should likewise be high-quality metal, and never scratched or lightweight. The zippers are also solid metal and feature a “Gucci” engraving in all capital letters.


You may receive an authenticator card when you purchase a pre-owned bag. In Gucci’s case, this card comes with the bag when purchased new, and says Gucci in all capital letters, along with 10 numbers and “controllato” in all lower-case letters. However, this card is very easy to replicate, so you can’t really take its presence as an indicator of whether a bag is authentic.

The Best Way to Guarantee You’re Buying an Authentic Gucci?

But the best way to authenticate a pre-owned Gucci handbag? It’s to buy from a reputable seller, not just some random person you found on the internet. Luxury in Reach purchases authenticated Gucci handbags from sellers, before providing them to you, the buyer. We act as the conduit between you and the sellers of the luxury bags you want, so you do have that expert on your side, to protect you from potentially bad purchases.


How does Luxury in Reach guarantee the authenticity of our bags? As soon as we receive a bag from a seller, our team of authenticators immediately use their years of expertise and knowledge, along with today’s best, top-end AI technology, such as Entrupy, to oversee the authentication process. Whether it’s the material, stamping, date codes or serial numbers, our team knows what to watch for with every bag.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’ve been looking for the perfect, pre-owned Gucci handbag, now’s your chance to buy with no worries of a counterfeit and all the guarantees of a pre-owned bag in pristine condition.

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