Best Street Style Bags from Miami’s Latin American Fashion Summit

Each year, the Latin American Fashion Summit brings together the Latin American fashion industry to counteract what was previously seen as a lack of opportunities within an area of growing interest. The annual conference first kicked off in 2018, inviting industry-related experts only, but now is a fashion event that’s not to be missed if you’re at all into or interested in the Latin American fashion scene, or if you’re just a fashion aficionado who lives in or near wherever the summit is being held that particular year.

In 2018, the summit took place in the Riviera Maya, followed by a 2019 summit in Cartagena de Indias. Over the pandemic, the summit went virtual, but just recently, the organization held its 2022 summit in Miami. Held in Miami’s gorgeous Design District, March 14–16, the summit featured three days of talks from fashion leaders such as Lauren Santo Domingo, Johanna Ortiz, Adriana Cinseros and Camila Coelho, plus workshops, networking events and neighborhood events, including opening and closing parties.

Of course, when you put on a fashion event like this, you’re bound to attract the who’s who of the fashion world, and so the street style is really going to be on point. Just like fashion bloggers and influencers are keeping their eyes peeled for the best street style looks at events such as New York Fashion Week twice per year, others kept an eye out for those great looks in Miami during the three-day event.

When it comes to purses specifically, there’s no better blogger to trust on the matter than, of course, the Purse Blog. They were there at the event, scoping out the best bags on the scene. Here are the best street style bags that they spotted — and how to get them for yourself.

Louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton and More Louis Vuitton

It just makes sense that any fashion event is going to include its fair share of Louis Vuitton. The designer offers a bevy of options that are ideal for events and travel, whether you need a large tote to carry around all your networking materials, or a smaller cross-body bag that you can use to carry only your must-have materials. Bags spotted at the event included the Louis Vuitton Felice Chain Wallet and Louis Vuitton Neverfull.

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Small Bags for More Convenience

But Louis Vuitton isn’t the only designer coming out with small bags that are easy to carry around when going to a busy day filled with meetings or when hopping flights between major cities. Other small bags spotted at the summit included the Celine Trio Bag, Balenciaga Hourglass Bag and Yves Saint Laurent Vicky Bag. 

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The Unexpected

Other bags that maybe weren’t as practical, but still gorgeously styled included the Balenciaga Graffiti Motocross bag and the Balenciaga Le Cagole shoulder bag. The Balenciaga city bag also made an appearance. So maybe this is a sign that you need to add some more Balenciaga to your life?

Others included the Prada Crochet Tote — cute, but not practical. You might find more Prada bags to love in our pre-owned lineup.

Fashion in Miami’s Design District

But as the Purse Blog is quick to point out, Miami’s Design District doesn’t only come alive with fashion favorites during events like the Latin American Fashion Summit. This trendy neighborhood is always filled with street style looks that are worthy of your attention.

In looking at the neighborhood’s bag trends over the winter, the blog stated, “Chanel is forever a favorite brand, and we spotted plenty of Chanel bags, many of them smaller in size, which I personally like a lot. There were Hermès bags too, but unlike the usual Birkin and Kelly spottings, the Evelyne has made a major comeback (in the smaller size as well). I find the Evelyne to be one of the most stunning and usable bags out there, so to see it in the wild more is a delight for a change. Easy dresses and street style-inspired outfits were most of the clothing choices we spotted … The trend that we saw most was the ideal bag size being worn — not small, not medium, but that ideal size that fits your phone without having a lot of extra space.”

Do you have that ideal bag size in your closet? It might just be the perfect time to add one. After all, who really wants to lug around an oversized tote or handbag that’s going to weigh a million pounds and make it difficult for you to really enjoy yourself, whether you’re headed to work or sightseeing in a new city? An ideally sized bag can provide you with all the room you need for your basic necessities, without feeling overwhelming or restrictive.

Claiming a Piece of the Latin American Fashion Summit for Yourself

Okay, so maybe you don’t have the fashion clout to snag an invite to the Latin American Fashion Summit for yourself, or maybe you don’t exactly have the budget to jet off to Miami’s Design District at a moment’s notice to take in the street style. However, you can still snag a bit of this neighborhood and its world-class fashion events for yourself, when you shop the most-loved bags that fashion influencers are noting in relation to both.

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