Best Designer Tote Bags for On-the-Go Working Women & Moms

You have a busy lifestyle. You don’t have time to be digging around in a tiny purse or realizing you didn’t bring along those needed work files or that extra bottle, because you couldn’t fit it into your stylish new clutch.

But just because you have a new high-profile job that requires you to be on, on, on all the time, or because you have a new baby that basically is a new job in of itself, that doesn’t mean you have to give up your style. There are plenty of designer tote bag options that are classically gorgeous, from some of your favorite designers, that are also large and spacious enough to hold everything that your job (or child) requires.

Celine Micro Luggage Handbag in Smooth Black

Okay, yes — this is technically a “luggage” handbag, but really, it’s the furthest thing from your traditional, frumpy carry-on. This option from Celine is the size of your average tote but equipped with a few special features that make it ideal for women on the go who need to carry a lot of items at once.

The lambskin interior features an inner zipped pocket and double flat pocket, and there’s an extra outer zipper pocket on the front. Protective studs on the base of the bag allow you to easily set this tote-style purse wherever you need to, without worrying that it’s going to fall to the side and leave you scrambling across the floor to retrieve all your items. Those protective studs also come in handy when you’re in situations where you wouldn’t necessarily want your bag to make direct contact with the ground, like on the subway or in a bar.

Gucci Ophidia GG Medium Tote

Sporting classic Gucci style, this practical tote bag with long leather handles can be carried both by hand and as a shoulder bag, to fit whatever your needs might be in the moment. The microfiber lining includes an interior zipped pocket, and the top snaps closed with a magnet.

Even though the bag is made with leather details, it’s still on the environmentally friendly side of things, as the leather is created via an alternative chrome-free tanning process, for less environmental impact. If you don’t happen to care for the beige and ebony variant, you can also find the bag in a blue and ivory motif, as well as a classic, sleek black leather variant.


Prada Re-Nylon Tote Bag

If you’d prefer a nylon tote bag, try this option from Prada, that also comes with some eco-friendly features. The nylon material is made from recycled plastic from the ocean and landfills.

The bag comes in black and beige, for two minimalistic options that will look fantastic with just about every outfit in your closet, whether you’re headed to an important work meeting and need to pack those files you just printed off, or you’re headed out to the park and want to pack some snacks for the kiddos.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM

Of course, you really can’t have a list of the best designer tote bags and not include the Louis Vuitton Neverfull. One of the most well-known and most recognizable designer totes, this is a classic and one to add to your closet ASAP if it’s not already there.

The monogrammed exterior never goes out of style, and the roomy interior leaves all the space you need for even your most bulky or awkwardly shaped items. Don’t need that much room? Use the side laces to cinch the tote a little tighter. The tote bag also comes with an extra interior pouch that can be removed, used as a clutch, or just used to keep track of all those smaller items that you don’t want to get lost in the bottom of your bag.

Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Tote Bag

This lengthy tote bag is just the right size to hold your laptop or books. The tote also uniquely features three snap closures on the top, versus a zipper, making it easier for you to grab your needed items quickly, without fumbling through multiple zippers and clasps to get to your gear. 

The linen and leather bag comes in three colors — white, red and black. All are wonderfully stylish and exactly the casual addition to your purse collection that you might need.

Chanel Maxi Shopping Bag

If you can’t get enough of your Chanel flap bag, go ahead and upgrade your tote collection to include this Maxi Shopping Bag from Chanel, which features loads of classic Chanel style, just in a larger package.

Rather than being lengthy, like some of the other bags on our list, this tote is more on the taller side, with an inner pocket that’s nearly 20 inches deep. Additionally, this tote bag isn’t quite as structured as some of the others on our list, in case you want something that’s a little more flexible and not quite as rigid.

What to Look for in a Designer Tote Bag

Whatever your favorite designer, as you’re shopping for a new, high-end luxury tote bag, you want to keep a few things in mind.

–    Size

While all tote bags are on the larger side, that doesn’t mean that all tote bags are large enough to fit your needs. Make sure that, for example, if you want to use your tote for work, that it’s actually big enough to hold your MacBook Pro.

–    Material

Carrying your baby in one arm and your designer tote in the other? Chances are you’ve seen your fair share of spills and stains recently — so make sure that you purchase a tote bag that’s made from a material that’s easy to clean. After all, you don’t want your luxury tote to lose its value all because the baby had an unfortunate accident.

–    Style & Color

Lastly, while maybe not as important as size and material, you want to keep style and color in mind, too. If you’re using your tote for work, a bag that’s more on the casual side may not be a good fit for you. Similarly, if you plan on using your tote every single day, you want to go with a style that’s going to match a range of outfits.

Is Buying a Pre-Owned Designer Tote Bag Right for You?

Love all of the amazing tote bag options above, but not sure you have the budget right now? We get it. After all, babies come with a lot of extra, new costs, and maybe that new job doesn’t pay as much as you like. Buying a designer tote bag on the pre-owned market can not only save you a little cash — it’s also a great way to shop sustainably, without adding to your carbon footprint. It also, of course, allows you to get the same great designer bags you’d buy in the boutique or at the department store, delivered straight to your doorstep. And, who knows — that more affordable price tag may just allow you to buy two or three designer bags this season, rather than your typical one!

Check out the many tote bag options from Luxury in Reach. With options from brands like Dior and Hermes, you’re sure to find something you love, at a price that you love just as much.

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